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My Enemy's Tears: The Witch of Northampton
A story of the New World venturers, of wilderness and settlement, of witchcraft and war.

In the 1630s two young girls from different villages sailed from England with their Puritan families, part of the great 17th century migration to the New World. Settled in the Connecticut River Valley, they came face to face with the rigors of life among the Puritans. This story is based on the lives of Mary Bliss Parsons and her enemy Sarah Lyman Bridgeman who suffered from an epic jealousy fueled by superstition. This fictional account of a true story takes us back to the beginning of a country founded on a dream, where life was perilous, where fear and envy would lead to redemption and ruin. 
WHEN SHE AWOKE, Mary found herself alone in the dark, sitting on the rutted road where her bare feet had slipped and she had fallen. She tried to collect herself; wondering what great hand had plucked her from her bed and set her down out of doors under the full moon. She remembered nothing, but she knew that in her sleep she had walked farther from her father’s house than she had ever walked alone. Excited by the thrill of adventure and the taste of freedom, she brushed herself off and continued on through the granite gateway, across the stile, through the thicket to the millpond which ran to deep pools swimming with trout now hidden under the dark water. 
At last she stood on an ancient stone bridge looking up at the Beacon, smooth and round as a loaf of risen dough. “O night! I am moonblind!” she called, her small voice echoing down the cleave.

from Chapter One
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"Beautifully written, well researched, riveting."
--Patricia Cumming, poet
founding member of Alice James Books

Book Trailer
"My Enemy's Tears is compulsively readable."
--Phoebe Pettingell, literary critic
"The novel delves deep into the motivation of its characters. They are complex, believable, and easy to identify with."
--Mirella Patzer, History and Women.com

My Enemy's Tears
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