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The Gothic Saint Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria.
Copyright 2016 © by Karen Vorbeck Williams
Courtyard at Melk Abbey, Melk Austria
Mount Saint Michel, France
Inside the Gothic cathedral, finished in 1160, tributes to local people remain as bas reliefs and frescoes. The picture to the left shows a medieval prefect and his two wives, one at a time, Anna on the left and Agnes on the right. It looks like Agnes had her mouth bound. The fresco on the right is of a 16th century man.
D u r n s t e i n   A b b e y, at Durnstein, Austria was first built on a rock cliff above the Danube in 1410 and then modified and baroquized in the first half of the 18th century. The exterior is blue and white and is one of the prettiest churches I've ever seen. Above is a staircase found on the ledge overlooking the river. I have no idea where it leads.

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