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Seasons Greetings           
GREETINGS, my family and friends,

At the end of 2016-- the annus horribilis, the annus mirabilis--here is  a wish for the New Year.
Let us take wisdom from above—where it is pure, peaceable, gentle, and easy to ask for. It is full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality and without hypocrisy. 

(Apologies to the Holy Bible, especially to James.)

Gracie and me

Now we are two, Gracie and me. Quite suddenly, Sparky left us two weeks ago. On Wednesday he was playing chase with me. On Thursday afternoon Sparky collapsed. We had no idea he had lung cancer. He was eleven years old and much loved. Below: Sparky last May, his feet and belly wet and muddy after a wade in the river.
I Traveled

In June I went home to Grand Junction for a reunion with my sisters, our niece Brook Cochrane, and our friends, June Conrow Colosimo and Ann Kuhnhausen Brady. In the pictures we are in Palisade on the river walk along the Colorado. In September I took a Viking River Cruise on the Danube river. I, traveling alone, began in Budapest and sailed west to Slovakia, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany. You can find some pictures from that trip on this website: here and here  and here
I Worked

The House on Seventh Street acquired a new publisher in June. Fawkes Press also liked My Enemy's Tears and published it in October. The book has been revised and has a new cover. You can get more information than you want to know about both books here and here.

My third book is in the hands of an editor for an evaluation. We'll see how much more work I'll have to do before I offer it to my publisher. In the meantime, I'm writing a fourth book. One that has defeated me over and over again for many years. I have one more on the back, back burner--another historical fiction.

​I love to write and even if I wasn't being published, I'd write just for fun.
I'll Brag Here

I have these kids and grand kids who bring me so much joy and a little bit of worry. I'll tell you the joy part and will try to dig up selfies and assorted photos for your pleasure.

David, Alison, and Ella have a new puppy, Lily. We had to say goodbye to their beloved Lola in late summer. David is busy with his production company and has traveled in Europe, among other places, for photo shoots. He's in San Francisco, as I write. Alison has put her show "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" in Madison Square Garden and a number of other theaters this holiday season. They just bought a house in Culver City, CA.

Meredith teaches yoga and a number of exercise classes like spin and is on the cusp of a new vocation teaching wellness classes while keeping up her gigs as a professional photographer. She has taken over as hostess for all our holiday celebrations and is an amazingly creative cook. They live about 40 minutes from me in MA.

The next generation is in school. Miranda at UNH (pre-med and involved in her sorority), Sophie in her senior year in high school (hockey player extraordinaire and straight A student looking at colleges for next year), Josh and Ella are in 8th grade. Both are athletes and very good students. Josh excels in baseball, loves snowboarding and basketball. Ella is a competitive swimmer and sings with the Madrigals at her school.
David and Lily
Sophie                                  Ella
Sophie                                  Josh
I Gardened
When spring comes we will make lots of changes in the garden. I had to cut down a tree and remove a number of old shrubs. Makes me think of Allen who famously asked, "When are you going to be finished with this garden?"  My reply was, "Never."
I hope, Good Boy, there's a river for you to wade in out there.
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