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On Land & Water
Copyright 2018 © by Karen Vorbeck Williams
T E N  M I L E  R I V E R
On its way here and there, the Ten Mile River flows through the woods in our town. Under the trees, there are trails to walk along the water's edge. I always bring my dogs. They can run off-lease there and in every season I bring my camera. That's Sparky in the picture above. He surprised us one day about eighteen months ago and died. I don't think I'll ever stop grieving.
I don't understand the science behind it. Light and water mingle in astoundingly beautiful ways. You have to pay attention, look deeply, when you are there. When you take a picture this reflective magic is easier to see.
Later in the day when the light changes, or in early morning, the river turns into liquid silver and gold.
The blue sky and clouds are reflected here.
Now days, Gracie and I go to the river together. She's a terrier-mix, a rescue dog.

K A R E N   V O R B E C K   W I L L I A M S