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Pearl's Photo Album
Copyright 2016 © by Karen Vorbeck Williams
Abner Woodward's Family:  Harry Benjamin, Jennie Williams (wife), Anna May (standing), Pearl, Abner and Abner Few.  Photo taken around 1895.
Jennie (1860-1952 ) and Abner (1846-1926) Woodward with their grandsons: Richard and Robert.  Jennie was a Quaker.
About 1915: Pearl with her first two children, Richard and Robert. Beginning in 1913, she bore three children in three years, miscarried and several years passed before her fourth child was born.
Pearl married Lee Burgess (1884-1935).  He was an attorney and at one time District Attorney for Mesa County,Colorado
Lee hunting, probably in the mountains above Lake City, Colorado
My mother, Bette Burgess (1915-1976) when she was about two years old.
Lee with three of his children (from left) Dorothy (on his lap), Bette and Robert (Bob).
The Burgess family home in Grand Junction, Colorado
Pearl Woodward (1891-1989) as a girl.
Pearl's Children
Pearl looks proud of her son, Richard, in this 1944 photo.  He wears the uniform of a Naval Chief Specialist C.S.P.
Richard (Dick) with is wife Amie in 1938.
U.S. Sailor Robert (Bob) Burgess in uniform in 1943
Bob with is wife Myrtle, Christmas 1956
Bette (my mother) in her studio in 1951. She was a painter and a writer.
Bette with her brand new husband, Herman P. Vorbeck in 1937.
This looks like a high school photo of Pearl's youngest child, Dorothy.
Dorothy with her husband, Bill Snell in 1940.
Pearl's Grandchildren
Susan Vorbeck with her high school boyfriend, Duncan Weaver.
Pearl in 1950 with grandchildren: Karen and Susan Vorbeck, Byron Burgess, Gretchen Vorbeck and Linda Snell.
1976 Susan, Gretchen and Karen visit their mother, Bette, in Rifle,CO
Christmas 1957,Seattle, Washington, Bob Burgess family: Bobby, Myrtle, Bob and youngest sons Tim and Jim.
Byron Burgess (Richard's son) in 1957
Gretchen Vorbeck (Bette's daughter) in a school picture
Linda Snell Hunt (Dorothy's only child) with her sons Todd and Steven in 1971
Linda with her mother, Dorothy in 1972
Bob Burgess and his eldest son, Bobby in around 1969
Bette's husband, Herman, with their daughter Karen in 1940
Karen Vorbeck, 1940
Pearl's Great Grandchildren
Pearl's Friends
While cleaning closets, purging the house of things we no longer use, I found my grandmother, Pearl's, photo album. Needing a rest, I sat down with the tattered old book full of black pages and old photographs and became so absorbed that I have not pulled away from it since.  The thing that struck me most was knowing that when Pearl pasted these pictures into her album she did not know what would become of her children, grandchildren and 
great grandchildren.  But I look at these pictures today and know the stories that go with many of the faces. In some cases I know how the stories ended.  My grandmother lived to be 98 years old.  She survived two of her children and said, "I don't want to live long enough to lose another child."  She lived through some of her children's and grand children's divorces.  Something heartbreaking for her and almost unheard of in her time.  Fortunately she did not live long enough to suffer the loss of two of her great-grandchildren.
Pearl (third from left) with friends in Grand Junction, Colorado.  The clothes look 1915ish.
Pearl's friend Alice in 1952
Madge Chester with her Peonies in 1960. She was Pearl's sister-in-law.
I remember Jessie and Hickman (Hick) Walker.  He was an attorney and they lived in Denver. Seeing them was always special.
1944: Pearl with her co-workers during World War II
Pearl's Family
Pearl's mother, Jennie Woodward in her garden in Hollywood in 1943.
Harry Woodward (Pearl's brother) at the gaves of their parents, Abner and Jennie Woodward
Christmas 1956, at our home in Ojai, California where we moved after our parent's divorce in 1955.
Pearl's elder sister, Anna, had Thanksgiving with us in 1958.  I was away at college.
Anna visits Pearl in Ojai in 1960
Bette, Dorothy and Bob's wife, Myrtle, visit Pearl in 1976 at Dorothy's home in Oregon after she had "taken to her bed" .
Bette's last Christmas in 1977 at Gretchen's home in Grand Junction.
Gretchen's only child, Bridget Clary photographed at Bette's house
Pearl with Marc Vorbeck Ragsdale (1966-2008) and Bridget Clary (1964-2006)
Pearl with Bridget Clary, and Todd and Steven Hunt
Meredith and Marc Ragsdale with their father (my first husband) Jim Ragsdale on Christmas Eve 1974
Meredith and her puppy in 1973
Byron's children Lisa and Richard Burgess
David Ragsdale in 1973
Following her husband's death in 1935, Pearl had to work.  I remember only two of the companies she worked for; Merle Norman and Farmer's Insurance Company.  She loved to travel and if she had been free to do so, she would have seen the world.  As it was, her travel was mostly limited to trips to visit Bette and her family in Colorado and Bob's family in Seattle.
Pearl at the Seattle airport.
Farmer's Insurance Company
Though Pearl suffered with painful arthritis and spent many years in a nursing home, she outlived her son, Richard, by over 30 years and my mother, Bette, by 11 years.
Unfortunately I grew up without knowing my "boy cousins" in Californa; Bobby, Tim, Jim and Byron Burgess, so I was unable to recognize their children, except for Byron's Lisa and Richard, whose pictures were well labeled.

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