Karen Vorbeck Williams
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Photos of the Moment
Copyright 2016 © by Karen Vorbeck Williams
L I N C O L N, R H O D E  I S L A N D
Yosemite, February, 2014
M y  f a v o r i t e  p h o t o  of  2 0 1 4
Front door to the Eleazer Arnold House built in 1693. The town on Lincoln has managed to keep several historic buildings. With its massive chimney end wall, the house is a rare survivor of a once-common Rhode Island building type known as a stone-ender. See front door latch and butterfly hinge above.
Quaker Meeting House built in 1704
The 1812 Moffett Mill is a rare example of a wooden mill built during the first wave of industrialization in the Blackstone Valley. This special order job shop made parts for ships, machines for the early textile industry, furniture, wagons, carriages and sleighs for the local businesses and farmers.
A more modern house built across the Moshassuck River from the mill.