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Karen Vorbeck Williams
Copyright 2015 © by Karen Vorbeck Williams


My second novel is influenced by the Nancy Drew Mysteries I loved as a kid.

In the THE HOUSE ON SEVENTH STREET  Winna returns to her father’s  87-year-old mansion to settle his estate, and sell the house her grandfather built.

As Winna shares memories with her married daughter, reconciles with her disinherited sister Chloe, and becomes reacquainted with old classmates, the old house gives up its secrets. A handwritten will, old love letters, an unfinished story in a notebook, and a diamond ring hidden among her childhood marbles, call into question everything Winna knows about her beloved grandmother. 

Continued here . . .
The author's debut novel placed first in general fiction at the 2012 New England Book Festival. My Enemy's Tears was also a finalist in the 2015 Eric Hoffer Awards.
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